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We're still the initiative you know, but have expanded our name to include all areas along the Skyline Drive. 

Scroll to listen to our violist Danielle Wiebe Burke's debut album! Available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon music.

Art for People


We are a new not-for-profit arts organization based out of Crozet, VA. Formerly the c.a.i., we bring together artists of all disciplines to perform, read, and display their art in order to provide an arts experience.

Now the s.a.i., our mission is to bring people together through art across the Skyline region. Our slogan – Art for People – promises connection and community through excellence in the arts.

Three Suites for Solo Viola

Our violist and co-founder, Danielle Wiebe Burke, has released an album of J.S. Bach's first three suites for solo cello. Listen on any of the platforms below!
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